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Mockingjay Audiobook is considered as the darkest and most violent book in the Hunger Games Trilogy written by Suzanne Collins. In this conclusion, Katniss Everdeen escaped the second Hunger Games through the aid of several rebels from District 13 who are hoping that she will be the face of the revolution. However, in fighting for the rebels’ side, she was trapped in a much worse situation because she needs to survive a more terrible version of the Hunger Games hosted by Capitol of Panem.

Since it was launched on August 2010, Mockingjay became a certified bestseller by New York Times, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal. In fact, during its first week on the market, more than half a million copies were sold. The audiobook format of Mockingjay was also a bestseller among audio books on Amazon. Both the Hunger Games and Mockingkay movie adaptations were very successful, and it is safe to say that a version of Mockingjay in theaters will follow soon.

Mockingjay is very cinematic with its numerous action scenes that will be very appealing in the visual senses, even if they could be very stressful for viewers. It also comes with a love triangle and much suspense to improve the stressful plot.

In reading Mockingjay, readers feel like they are watching an action flick or dripping into a first-person shooting game. Its entertainment value is truly gripping. However, the author admits there are more things beyond. Just take a look at the Hunger Games series as well as the Underland Chronicles. These are not just pure sci-fi – these are very serious novels.

Collins said that she’s quite interested in the conflicting interests in war – what makes it necessary and justifiable or unavoidable. The last book in the Hunger Games trilogy is very inclined in showing the reality in a war, and Collins admits that the series is totally stories about war.

After reading the Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay, you will have a deeper glimpse of a world that is really messed up. The past generations have established gore traditions like the Hunger Games, in which the younger generation had to deal with. The series also stirs hope, and how Katniss go about in creating change and how they fought the system of the Capitol of Panem.

It is interesting to take note that Collins hails from a military family. Her father was part of the US Air Force for many years and also joined the Vietnam War. Her childhood was filled with war stories and she considered that a great background for the series.

Among the many reasons it is crucial for Collins to write about war is that she really think that the idea of war – its concept, specific, nature and ethical ambiguities are introduced to the younger generation quite late. Through the series, particularly in the Mockingjay, Collins wants to teach the younger generation about war, which is happening in the real-world setting, and that there is still hope in changing the future of the world.

Format: Audio Book

Publisher: Scholastic Audio
Duration: 11:43
Date Published:
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0545285291
ISBN-13: 9780545285292

Rating: 4.29 (out of 233 reviews)

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