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There’s a high chance that you have already read The Hunger Games, so you are searching for its sequel Catching Fire Audiobook. Probably, like millions of fans around the world, you are also asking an important question that you are hoping to find answers in the sequel. What happened to Katniss and what could be worse than being a tribute in the Hunger Games?

If you are thinking that we’re going to spoil the next book in the series, then you must think again. Basically, Catching Fire continues on the succeeding scenes in the first book, which is actually great because the last chapter in the Hunger Games was a dead cliffhanger.

Now in the Catching Fire, you will find out what happens to the people who won in the Games, and how Peeta and Katniss’ lives have changed forever because of what happened in the games. During the story’s progression, their lives drifted downward again from their victory, which is worse than being a tribute.

When Catching Fire was released in 2009, it became a best-seller, similar to the Hunger Games. It also became very popular in the audio book format, selling millions around the world. The book has been criticized by few people, for example Jennifer Reese rated the book with “C” but there are more positive reviews. In fact, Gabrielle Zevin, another author, wrote in the New York Times how he loved the sequel by Suzanne Collins citing her ability to write a sequel that “improves upon the first book.”

It is true that writing a sequel is a lot more difficult in writing the first book in the series, because it is quite hard to equal the popularity of the first book. This is particularly true with the instant hit and commercial success of the Hunger Games. With the sequel, Collins effectively followed up with the first book and also stirred up the plot to leave the magic of enticement encouraging readers to know more by reading the conclusion of the trilogy in the Mockingjay that came out in 2010. Hence, if you haven’t read Catching Fire, you need to be prepared for intense action and another cliffhanger in the end. It is highly recommended to buy Mockingjay now in audio book format before you even begin reading Catching Fire because these are selling like hotcakes.

Of course, Catching Fire offers more than entertainment in knowing about Katniss and finding out if he loves Peeta or Gale, and also discovering if she will lead a revolution against the dreadful government (Capitol of Panem). Probably, Katniss’ story is so stirring because we also reflect the same experiences.

Maybe you have also experienced hiding truth only to suffer its consequences that could be really damaging. You may also have experienced the urge of building up your public image all the time, which is not totally true of what and who you really are.

After indulging yourself in the gripping plot in Panem, you will surely find the story of Katniss as valuable and interesting that is not too far away with your life.

Catching Fire
Format: Audio Book

Publisher: Scholastic Audio
Duration: 11:39
Date Published:
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0545222451
ISBN-13: 9780545222457

Rating: 4.48 (out of 219 reviews)

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